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Terra Nova's journey



Green Icon: (approximate) breeding site

Red Icons: southward (autumn) migration to non-breeding (wintering) area

Purple Icon: non-breeding (wintering) site

Terra Nova

Terra Nova was caught near Loenen aan de Vecht, a part of the "Waternet" management area in the Netherlands. 

Terra Nova is named after the property where a breeding colony of Purple Herons is located and Waternet is improving Purple Heron habitat.

Terra Nova’s diary:

23 March 2009 - We lost signals from Terra Nova so we do not know his current position.

20 March 2009  - We organised a visit to the site where Terra Nova had sent signals from. Here we managed to find him in a large Typha reed bed.

15 January 2009 - Terra Nova was known to be present in the Inner Niger.

22 October 2008 - he moved east to the Inner Niger Delta where he made some local movements following the drying up of the wetlands.

21 September 2008 - He sent signals from a large alluvial wetland in the northwestern part of Mali.

17 September 2008 - Terra Nova has already crossed the Mediterranean and was in Morocco in North Africa.

14 September 2008 - He has sent signals from the vicinity of Paris in France.

11 September 2008 - Terra Nova started his southward migration, moving away from the breeding area.


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